Pixels, carefully arranged. One day I'd like to learn how to push a pencil in a meaningful fashion, but until then, it's all computer-mediated.

insufficiently bleak and miserable
the highest tourist trap in Europe
Andros and Tinos
all the lizards you can eat no wait that came out wrong
Christmas in Scotland (again)
bleak and miserable (as usual)
Off to see a glacier
it's big and icy
Walking the Kumano Kodo in Japan
too many forests, not enough time
Rapidly rendering fractals on stupidly unsuitable machines
actually really, this time!
On holiday in Crete
rocks and gorges
A twelve second Mandelbrot on the BBC Micro
yes, really! but no, not really
Adventures in video editing
with apologies to Johann Strauss
jpegfinder vs. the Hubsan H107D
and the terrible secret!
Christmas holiday on Iona
disappointingly not bleak and miserable
Monday walk: Diabeg
Scotland is made out of swamp. Swamp, I say
Saturday walk: Sgùman Còinntich and Killilan
not the right mountain
Wednesday walk: Fuar Tholl and Sgurr Ruadh
it's not Sunday!
Sunday walk: Chäseren to Braunwald
all the rocks you can eat
Sunday walk: Zeinenfurggel
up, up and...
Sunday walk: Näfels-Mollis to Richisau
'Ben Nevises' is totally a real unit
Sunday walk: Oberblegisee
suddenly, a restaurant
Sunday walk: Glärnisch low level
the bottoms of the mountains are nice too
Sunday walk: Innerthal to (near) Niederurnen
apparently I'm fit now
haven't been on holiday for... weeks
Flooded Moon
an art project
Anstruther in winter
out-of-season holidaying FTW
Scotland, snowbound
unaccustomed scenes of picturesque whiteness
By appointment only
destroy your problems before they destroy you!
Return to Korea
and once again I escape from the hotel
Welcome to Korea
Seoul food
Dallas photos, unclassifiable
quote artistic unquote
Hjal's explorations
mysterious ruins a sign of foul play?
Winter in Lochcarron
some photos of Lochcarron
Dallas gallery
some photos of Dallas
Susan Cooper's Wales: A Literary Pilgrimage
the places and pictures of The Grey King and Silver on the Tree
The UFO wot I saw very old
honest, guv
Strange pictures very old
your optician will love you