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Published: 2016 November 3

Pixels, carefully arranged. One day I'd like to learn how to push a pencil in a meaningful fashion, but until then, it's all computer-mediated.

Cyprus [blog] [graphics] (published 2015 April 23)

haven't been on holiday for... weeks

Iceland [blog] [graphics] (published 2012 October 7)


Anstruther in winter [blog] [graphics] (published 2011 February 7)

out-of-season holidaying FTW

Scotland, snowbound [blog] [graphics] (published 2010 January 12)

unaccustomed scenes of picturesque whiteness

By appointment only [blog] [graphics] [weird and wonderful] (published 2009 October 27)

destroy your problems before they destroy you!

Return to Korea [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 October 20)

and once again I escape from the hotel

Welcome to Korea [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 July 2)

Seoul food

Dallas photos, unclassifiable [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 April 21)

quote artistic unquote

Hjal's explorations [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 April 1)

mysterious ruins a sign of foul play?

Winter in Lochcarron [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 January 26)

some photos of Lochcarron

Dallas gallery [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 January 20)

some photos of Dallas

Flooded Moon [graphics] [programming]

an art project

Strange pictures [graphics] [weird and wonderful]

your optician will love you

Susan Cooper's Wales: A Literary Pilgrimage [fiction] [graphics]

the places and pictures of The Grey King and Silver on the Tree

The UFO wot I saw [graphics] [weird and wonderful]

honest, guv