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Published: 2016 November 3

Yeah, I'm a computer programmer. I write computer programs. Constantly.

Fuzix port for the MSP430 [blog] [programming] (published 2015 October 27)

a possible record for the smallest Unix ever

Ancient BBC Micro software [blog] [programming] (published 2015 February 3)

relics from my childhood

A Random Walk Through Ada [blog] [programming] (published 2014 April 27)

the language everyone's heard of but never used

Conway's Game of Life (as a GNU Make macro) [blog] [programming] (published 2013 October 19)

exactly what it says on the tin

PiFace: a bare metal boot loader for the Raspberry Pi [blog] [programming] (published 2013 June 22)

no ARMs need apply

Go, going forward [blog] [programming] (published 2009 November 21)

I have a dream

On Go [blog] [programming] (published 2009 November 15)

oh, go on

A short guide to building a gcc cross-compiler [blog] [programming] (published 2009 July 4)

while still remaining nominally sane

A first look at the SheevaPlug [blog] [programming] (published 2009 April 16)

small, white, powerful

A No Instruction Set processor [programming]

an interesting, unusual, and probably totally useless processor architecture design

ALSA MIDI Mapper [music] [programming]

a MIDI mapper for the ALSA sound system

Amstrad Hardware Recyling [programming]

information and tools about doing unexpected things to Amstrad hardware

baZic [games] [interactive fiction] [programming]

a minimal Basic interpreter for the Z-machine

Calculon [programming]

a very small programming language

Clue [programming]

a ANSI C compiler for high-level languages

Cowj GWT library [programming]

bending GWT to breaking point and beyond

Cowjac [blog] [programming]

a Java bytecode to C++ transpiler

DOS software [programming]

programs I wrote back when DOS was still hip

Flooded Moon [graphics] [programming]

an art project

Foo Fighter [games] [programming]

a simple yet playable shoot-em-up for intent

gaim-citadel [programming]

a Gaim plugin for the Citadel groupware client

GEOS software [programming]

programs and tools for the GEOS operating system

Hacking the Kindle [programming]

HershTrans [programming]

a Hershey font manipulation tool

How to set up a Hercules Graphics card under Linux and still stay reasonably sane [programming]

setting up a twin-headed system with a Hercules monochrome graphics card and a PCI VGA graphics card, on Linux with XFree86 3

Luje [programming]

a pure Lua JVM

Melissa [programming]

an instant messenger chatbot

Mercat [programming]

my cross-platform programming system

meta [programming]

troff in the twenty-first century

Miscellaneous Unix Software [programming]

various small pieces of code that aren't important enough to warrant their own page

Narcissus [programming]

chording keyboards the easy way

Objective Lua [programming]

Lua, objectified

Prime Mover [programming]

a powerful alternative to 'make'

R2 [programming]

a RISC OS work-a-like

Random Cybiko hacking [programming]

the Cybiko was never hip

Silicon Castles [games] [interactive fiction] [programming]

chess playing genies rule OK

Spey [programming]

a greylisting SMTP proxy

SQmaiL [programming]

a MySQL-based mail reader

thickishstring [programming]

a text-based CYOA MMORPG

Twiny [programming]

for when you just need that one extra character

vbccz [interactive fiction] [programming]

a C compiler that targets the Z machine

WebSocket Transflector [programming]

a simple WebSocket to socket service proxy

WordGrinder [programming]

a word processor for processing words