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Published: 2016 November 3

Everyone needs a blog these days. Should I ever decide to inflict my existential angst on the world, this is where it'll be.

Fuzix port for the MSP430 [blog] [programming] (published 2015 October 27)

a possible record for the smallest Unix ever

WordGrinder 0.6 released! [blog] (published 2015 September 23)

a word processor for processing words

Cyprus [blog] [graphics] (published 2015 April 23)

haven't been on holiday for... weeks

Narcissus 0.1 released! [blog] (published 2015 March 4)

chording keyboards the easy way

Ancient BBC Micro software [blog] [programming] (published 2015 February 3)

relics from my childhood

A Random Walk Through Ada [blog] [programming] (published 2014 April 27)

the language everyone's heard of but never used

Flooded Moon [blog] (published 2013 December 19)

the wettest moon pictures around

PiFace v0.3 [blog] (published 2013 November 26)

a bare-metal boot loader for the Raspberry Pi's VideoCore IV GPU

Conway's Game of Life (as a GNU Make macro) [blog] [programming] (published 2013 October 19)

exactly what it says on the tin

Return of the comments [blog] (published 2013 October 14)

but now they're evil

Just found some Cybiko software [blog] (published 2013 October 13)

in a cupboard out back

Luje 0.1 released! [blog] (published 2013 October 7)

a Java VM written in pure Lua

PiFace: a bare metal boot loader for the Raspberry Pi [blog] [programming] (published 2013 June 22)

no ARMs need apply

WordGrinder 0.4 released! [blog] (published 2013 March 24)

a word processor for processing words

Calculon 0.1 released! [blog] (published 2013 January 30)

a very small programming language

The Water Horse's Fireplace [blog] [fiction] (published 2012 October 31)

a Scottish Halloween folk story, sort of

Iceland [blog] [graphics] (published 2012 October 7)


Cowbel 0.2 released! [blog] (published 2012 March 21)

a programming language

Cowbel 0.1 released! [blog] (published 2012 February 13)

a programming language

Cowj 0.2 out now [blog] (published 2011 October 2)

now with extra evil

Cowj released [blog] (published 2011 September 28)

cruel and unusual things with Javascript

Prime Mover, spey updates [blog] (published 2011 August 27)

yes, they are related

Hacking the Kindle [blog] (published 2011 April 10)

just can't leave things alone

Twiny [blog] (published 2011 April 1)

for when you just need that one extra character

Anstruther in winter [blog] [graphics] (published 2011 February 7)

out-of-season holidaying FTW

Susan Cooper's Wales page update [blog] (published 2010 October 19)

digitally remastered!

Giveaway gallery [blog] (published 2010 September 27)

the great hardware giveaway

Transflector 0.1 [blog] (published 2010 May 17)

a simple WebSocket to socket service proxy

LBW 0.1: Linux Binaries on Windows [blog] (published 2010 April 1)

run your Linux software on Windows

Prime Mover 0.1.5 [blog] (published 2010 March 12)

a Lua-based build tool that doesn't require Lua

Scotland, snowbound [blog] [graphics] (published 2010 January 12)

unaccustomed scenes of picturesque whiteness

Ruins [blog] [fiction] (published 2009 December 23)

a short story

Objective Lua 0.1 [blog] (published 2009 December 17)

an OO extension for Lua

WordGrinder 0.3.3 [blog] (published 2009 December 13)

the wheels of software grind slow, but they grind exceedingly fine

HershTrans 0.1 [blog] (published 2009 December 12)

a Hershey font manipulation tool

Go, going forward [blog] [programming] (published 2009 November 21)

I have a dream

On Go [blog] [programming] (published 2009 November 15)

oh, go on

By appointment only [blog] [graphics] [weird and wonderful] (published 2009 October 27)

destroy your problems before they destroy you!

Return to Korea [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 October 20)

and once again I escape from the hotel

Objective Lua 0.0.1 [blog] (published 2009 October 5)

an OO extension for Lua

Cowlark 2.0 [blog] (published 2009 July 26)

we can has comments

Melissa 0.3 [blog] (published 2009 July 22)

an instant messenger chatbot

A short guide to building a gcc cross-compiler [blog] [programming] (published 2009 July 4)

while still remaining nominally sane

Welcome to Korea [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 July 2)

Seoul food

Dallas photos, unclassifiable [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 April 21)

quote artistic unquote

A first look at the SheevaPlug [blog] [programming] (published 2009 April 16)

small, white, powerful

Hjal's explorations [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 April 1)

mysterious ruins a sign of foul play?

Special Effect [blog] [fiction] (published 2009 February 3)

a short story

Winter in Lochcarron [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 January 26)

some photos of Lochcarron

Dallas gallery [blog] [graphics] (published 2009 January 20)

some photos of Dallas

Ulysses 31 [blog] [fiction] (published 2009 January 9)

the ancient gods of Olympus are angry!

Clue 0.5 [blog] (published 2008 December 16)

things that compilers were not meant to wot of

R2 0.1 [blog] (published 2008 November 22)

my name is David and I own a RISC PC

Spey 0.5.pre1 [blog] (published 2008 November 11)

the wheels of spam grind slow

WordGrinder 0.3.2 [blog] (published 2008 November 3)

or, sod's law strikes again

Bryan Krubb [blog] [fiction] (published 2008 October 16)

a character background

Melissa 0.2 [blog] (published 2008 October 13)

an instant messenger chatbot

Rozzie Potatoes [blog] [food] (published 2008 September 12)

how to cheat with potatoes

Illegal Music Downloads [blog] [music] (published 2008 August 29)

MP3s are bad, mmmkay

Cowjac [blog] [programming]

a Java bytecode to C++ transpiler