Everyone needs a blog these days. Should I ever decide to inflict my existential angst on the world, this is where it'll be.

Christmas holiday on Iona
disappointingly not bleak and miserable
Running native programs on the Amstrad NC200
playing with my new laptop
WordGrinder 0.7 released!
please don't ask when the previous release was
Brand new website
in with the new CMS, out with the old
Cowgol 0.1.1 released!
6502s never die, they just... stop moving...
Monday walk: Diabeg
Scotland is made out of swamp. Swamp, I say
Saturday walk: Sgùman Còinntich and Killilan
not the right mountain
Wednesday walk: Fuar Tholl and Sgurr Ruadh
it's not Sunday!
Sunday walk: Chäseren to Braunwald
all the rocks you can eat
Sunday walk: Zeinenfurggel
up, up and...
Sunday walk: Näfels-Mollis to Richisau
'Ben Nevises' is totally a real unit
Sunday walk: Oberblegisee
suddenly, a restaurant
Sunday walk: Glärnisch low level
the bottoms of the mountains are nice too
Sunday walk: Innerthal to (near) Niederurnen
apparently I'm fit now
Minix QD
I'm sure it'll be useful to someone?
Fuzix port for the MSP430
a possible record for the smallest Unix ever
WordGrinder 0.6 released!
a word processor for processing words
haven't been on holiday for... weeks
Narcissus 0.1 released!
chording keyboards the easy way
Ancient BBC Micro software
relics from my childhood
A Random Walk Through Ada
the language everyone's head of but never used
Flooded Moon
the wettest moon pictures around
PiFace v0.3
a bare-metal boot loader for the Raspberry Pi's VideoCore IV GPU
Conway's Game of Life (as a GNU Make macro)
exactly what it says on the tin
Return of the comments
but now they're evil
Just found some Cybiko software
in a cupboard out back
Luje 0.1 released!
a Java VM written in pure Lua
PiFace: a bare metal boot loader for the Raspberry Pi
no ARMs need apply
WordGrinder 0.4 released!
a word processor for processing words
Calculon 0.1 released!
a very small programming language
The Water Horse's Fireplace
a Scottish Halloween folk story, sort of
a Java bytecode to C++ transpiler
Cowbel 0.2 released!
a programming language
Cowbel 0.1 released!
a programming language
Cowj 0.2 out now
now with extra evil
Cowj released
cruel and unusual things with Javascript
Prime Mover, spey updates
yes, they are related
Hacking the Kindle
just can't leave things alone
for when you just need that one extra character
Anstruther in winter
out-of-season holidaying FTW
Susan Cooper's Wales page update
digitally remastered!
Giveaway gallery
the great hardware giveaway
Transflector 0.1
a simple WebSocket to socket service proxy
LBW 0.1: Linux Binaries on Windows
run your Linux software on Windows
Prime Mover 0.1.5
a Lua-based build tool that doesn't require Lua
Scotland, snowbound
unaccustomed scenes of picturesque whiteness
a short story
Objective Lua 0.1
an OO extension for Lua
WordGrinder 0.3.3
the wheels of software grind slow, but they grind exceedingly fine
HershTrans 0.1
a Hershey font manipulation tool
Go, going forward
I have a dream
On Go
oh, go on
By appointment only
destroy your problems before they destroy you!
Return to Korea
and once again I escape from the hotel
Objective Lua 0.0.1
an OO extension for Lua
Cowlark 2.0
we can has comments
Melissa 0.3
an instant messenger chatbot
A short guide to building a gcc cross-compiler
while still remaining nominally sane
Welcome to Korea
Seoul food
Dallas photos, unclassifiable
quote artistic unquote
A first look at the SheevaPlug
small, white, powerful
Hjal's explorations
mysterious ruins a sign of foul play?
Special Effect
a short story
Winter in Lochcarron
some photos of Lochcarron
Dallas gallery
some photos of Dallas
Ulysses 31
the ancient gods of Olympus are angry!
Clue 0.5
things that compilers were not meant to wot of
R2 0.1
my name is David and I own a RISC PC
Spey 0.5.pre1
the wheels of spam grind slow
WordGrinder 0.3.2
or, sod's law strikes again
Bryan Krubb
a character background
Melissa 0.2
an instant messenger chatbot
Rozzie Potatoes
how to cheat with potatoes
Illegal Music Downloads
MP3s are bad, mmmkay