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Published: 2016 November 3

Stories make us human. Good stories make us better people. The things here that I wrote will probably make you a better chicken.

The Water Horse's Fireplace [blog] [fiction] (published 2012 October 31)

a Scottish Halloween folk story, sort of

Ruins [blog] [fiction] (published 2009 December 23)

a short story

Special Effect [blog] [fiction] (published 2009 February 3)

a short story

Ulysses 31 [blog] [fiction] (published 2009 January 9)

the ancient gods of Olympus are angry!

Bryan Krubb [blog] [fiction] (published 2008 October 16)

a character background

Batman Reborn [fiction]

my subconscious writes fanfic

Conversation with a Stranger [fiction]

a short story

My Diary [fiction]

a long story

Science Fiction (and other) parodies [fiction] [weird and wonderful]

some things you don't really need to make fun of, but what the hell

Susan Cooper's Wales: A Literary Pilgrimage [fiction] [graphics]

the places and pictures of The Grey King and Silver on the Tree

The Giant of Ytric [fiction]

a short story

The Most Ancient Mariner of All [fiction]

a short story

This Is The Title Of This Story, Which Is Also Found Several Times In The Story Itself [fiction] [games] [weird and wonderful]

a story about itself