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WWW 1 page
Stuff about this web site and the web in general.
blog 76 pages
Everyone needs a blog these days. Should I ever decide to inflict my existential angst on the world, this is where it'll be.
fiction 11 pages
Stories make us what we are. Good stories make us better people. The things here that I wrote will probably make you a better chicken.
food 1 page
Long chain hydrocarbons, saccharides, amine compounds, volatile oils and metal salts arranged in pleasing combinations.
games 3 pages
Ooh! Toys!
graphics 25 pages
Pixels, carefully arranged. One day I'd like to learn how to push a pencil in a meaningful fashion, but until then, it's all computer-mediated.
interactive fiction 3 pages
Not just fiction; interactive fiction. Adventure games, in other words.
languages 13 pages
I added this tag after I realised that I do a lot of programming-language and compiler related stuff. Nothing to do with human languages.
music 3 pages
Pages that have to do with ordered sequences of audio vibrations.
programming 49 pages
Yeah, I'm a computer programmer. I write computer programs. Constantly.
weird and wonderful 6 pages
These are just random bits and pieces I collected because they're interesting. If you're here for the UFO pictures, this is where to look.
www 1 page