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WWW 2 pages
Stuff about this web site and the web in general.
blog 124 pages
Everyone needs a blog these days. Should I ever decide to inflict my existential angst on the world, this is where it'll be.
cowgol 10 pages
My Ada-inspired, very small, self-hosted compiler for tiny machines like the 6502 and Z80; and posts discussing the problems therein.
fiction 13 pages
Stories make us what we are. Good stories make us better people. The things here that I wrote will probably make you a better chicken.
food 1 page
Long chain hydrocarbons, saccharides, amine compounds, volatile oils and metal salts arranged in pleasing combinations.
games 3 pages
Ooh! Toys!
graphics 36 pages
Pixels, carefully arranged. One day I'd like to learn how to push a pencil in a meaningful fashion, but until then, it's all computer-mediated.
hardware 2 pages
Electroncs flowing through, normally, silicon based logic, ineptly connected together with solder. I've been getting into homebrew electronics and retrocomputer stuff.
hdkwhd 14 pages
My semi-occasional Youtube series of terrible workbench videos.
interactive fiction 3 pages
Not just fiction; interactive fiction. Adventure games, in other words.
languages 19 pages
I added this tag after I realised that I do a lot of programming-language and compiler related stuff. Nothing to do with human languages.
music 3 pages
Pages that have to do with ordered sequences of audio vibrations.
programming 83 pages
Yeah, I'm a computer programmer. I write computer programs. Constantly.
weird and wonderful 6 pages
These are just random bits and pieces I collected because they're interesting. If you're here for the UFO pictures, this is where to look.