My semi-occasional Youtube series of terrible workbench videos.

Building a keyboard from an old portable (electronic) typewriter
the most hipster writer in the café
Writing a lunar lander game for an actual lunar lander
the oldest of old schools
Live coding a compiler for CP/M, from scratch
well, part of one
Live coding a vi for CP/M, from scratch
more vi-adjacent, really
Performing a brain transplant on a Toshiba T1000
it lives! it lives!
Live coding an assembler for CP/M
rewriting software for a 40-year-old OS is clearly a good use of time
Demonstration and teardown of a Canon TypeStar 4 portable typewriter
the ability to make words wherever you go!
TypeTalk: smalltalk about Javascript
the softest of software
The Brother LW-30: a typewriter, not a computer
when word processors were things not programs
FluxEngine demo reel
short but perfectly formed
Seven CP/M programming languages on one floppy (and a game)
small but perfectly formed
13kg of IBM electric typewriter
38 cents a kilo
Replacing the motherboard on a Psion 3a organiser
amateur brain transplants are best brain transplants
How to write a game on a ZX81
obsolete machines for fun and profit