So I’ve had, for a while, a non-functional Toshiba T1000 laptop computer — a classic 1987 laptop with a 4.77MHz 8088 processor and a whole 512kB of memory. And, er, no mass storage whatsoever. I got it from the late, lamented Weirdstuff Warehouse in Sunnyvale, California, before it closed. I have recently managed to aquire another broken T1000 along with a spare motherboard, and out of these three corpses I have managed to assemble a fully functional computer.

The onboard DOS works absolutely fine, and I also managed to get the ZIP drive working with it, so I have some (quite slow, but then, on this machine, everything is quite slow) mass storage; now I just need to figure out something to do with it… surprisingly, the battery seems to be fine, if rather old! New, it’d last for four hours; I’d rather not find out how long it lasts now due to the chance of it doing something unfortunately if it goes completely flat.

New, the machine would have cost $1300. That’s 1997 dollars. In 2019, that would be about $2700.