Back when I bought the IBM WheelWriter 6 at the junk shop for five francs, I also got myself a Brother LW-30 typewriter word processor (also for five francs). It’s a fascinating piece of early 90s consumer technology, and is actually surprisingly useful; I wrote a letter on it just the other day. I made a moderately incoherent and rambly video about it.

Markus Koch’s LW-35 brain transplant project, which I mention in the video, starts on Youtube here; see his video description for more.

And here’s my FluxEngine project — build your own USB floppy drive controller! And it’s got full read/write support for Brother word processor disks:

Incidentally, since I made the video, I discovered that it supports editing two documents simultaneously, and also headers and footers…

Update: Accidentally posted the wrong video. Fixed. Oops.