My Ada-inspired, very small, self-hosted compiler for tiny machines like the 6502 and Z80; and posts discussing the problems therein.

Cowgol 2.0
a modern language for tiny machines
6303 arithmetic: more dull than you think
but in a good way
Cowgol 2.0: this time it's useful
well. debatably useful
Jumping ahead with Cowgol 2.0
that's two days of work wasted
Cowgol 0.5 released!
now, an industry standard
Z80 arithmetic: also surprisingly terrible
surprising plenitude of awfulness
Cowgol 0.4 released!
smaller, better, faster...
6502 arithmetic and why it is terrible
yes, that's what I said
Cowgol 0.2 released!
should actually work now (but I said that last time)
Cowgol 0.1.1 released!
6502s never die, they just... stop moving...