I added this tag after I realised that I do a lot of programming-language and compiler related stuff. Nothing to do with human languages.

6303 arithmetic: more dull than you think
but in a good way
Jumping ahead with Cowgol 2.0
that's two days of work wasted
Cowgol 0.5 released!
now, an industry standard
Z80 arithmetic: also surprisingly terrible
surprising plenitude of awfulness
Cowgol 0.4 released!
smaller, better, faster...
6502 arithmetic and why it is terrible
yes, that's what I said
a very small programming language
A Random Walk Through Ada
the language everyone's heard of but never used
a pure Lua JVM
a ANSI C compiler for high-level languages
a Java bytecode to C++ transpiler
an experimental typed typeless language
Prime Mover
a powerful alternative to 'make'
Go, going forward
I have a dream
On Go
oh, go on
Objective Lua
Lua, objectified
a C compiler that targets the Z machine
a minimal Basic interpreter for the Z-machine
my cross-platform programming system