Here you can find assorted little hacky utilities that I knocked up. This is all distributed as source-only; you'll need a compiler to make it work.

powergrey-0.1.tar.gz 1 kB

This is an extremely quick'n'nasty hack I wrote to modify the GASP structure in a TrueType font to persuade compliant font renderers to antialias all sizes.

Normally, fonts are smoothed at very small and very large sizes, and rendered using the scaffold data for sizes in the range of about 8..16pt. The font designers who select how the font is rendered are of the opinion that scaffold rendering looks best at these sizes. As anyone who has used an Acorn machine knows, this is, of course, wrong.

This program will search through the various chunks until it finds a GASP block, that contains this table, and modifies it so that font smoothing is used for all sizes.