Jealous of Japanese? Cheesed off at Chinese? Those languages with their ideogram-based writing systems can practically fit War and Peace into a single Twitter message while we English-speakers are limited to 28 measly words. But help is at hand --- Twiny will save you!

Twiny uses advanced technology and sophisticated algorithms to replace sequences of characters from your text with single Unicode glyphs. As Twitter considers each of these glyphs to be a single character, this means that the more of these sequences we replace, the more we save! (And this turns out to be about 6% on average.)

To use it, just type into the red box below, and then cut-and-paste out of the blue box:

You typed characters, which compress to , saving characters, which is

Ignore case (save more)
Use exotic characters (may not be readable on some platforms)

Disclaimer. Using Twiny may have certain minor disadvantages, including but not limited to: making your messages hard to read, making your messages difficult to search for, having certain characters in your messages vanish after a couple of weeks, making your messages incomprehensible to people who don't have a decent Unicode font installed, and making you look like a pillock. Compressing hashtags, userids and URLs with Twiny may have unintended consequences. This software is intended for recreational use only and no warranty is expressed or implied. Do not burn.