Note from 2017-10-24: ThickishString is now renamed Gruntle. I did some more work on it; look in the github repository. But it's not ready to use. You can find the original thickishstring in the appropriate github branch.

What is it?

thickishstring is a text-based MMORPG engine with a lightweight web-browser client.

The client uses Javascript/HTML with a WebSockets connection to the server so it's fast and responsive --- if you're used to accessing AJAX websites you'll be astounded at how fast it is. The server is written in Python using SQLite as the database backend; it's fast, lightweight, and should be very portable.

Right now it's in an incredibly rough prototype stage, but there's enough here to let you log in, move around, talk to other players, create your own realms and let other players play them.

This is where the source code and what we shall try to laughingly call 'the documentation' is stored.

How do I play it?

Right now thickishstring is definitely a tech demo; but there is a test server, which is up intermittently. Any content created there may be deleted without warning.

(Link removed because I don't have a server any more!)

It might even be running.

Where can I get it?

Thickishstring's github repository

Send me pull requests!

More installation instructions are in the README.

Who wrote it?

I, David Given, wrote it. Got any comments, criticism, cake? Send it to If there's interest, I'll set up a mailing list.

More information?

Here is a very rough-and-ready list of links to other documentation pages that may be of interest:

What's the license?

thickishstring is distributable under the terms of the Simplified BSD License.

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