The Hitchhiker's Guide to Star Trek: The Next Generation

If you can't work out what major works this is parodying, then you probably shouldn't be reading it. It's by David Lu and Mickey McCarter and is very, very good.

Eye of Argon 66 kB

The original! The greatest! The one and only Eye of Argon, Jim Theis' literary masterpiece! (Sort of.)

This piece of work is, quite possibly, the worst work of fiction to be produced by humankind. It is so bad that people say it won the Worst Story competition at a convention fifteen years running --- and it was only nominated once. There's a party game where people see how long they can read from it without cracking up. (The answer: not long.) Phrases from it have gone into SF legends.

Read it. But very, very carefully.

Eye of Argon, MST3K version 147 kB

...and here, for the more discerning viewer, is the MiSTed version. Possibly funnier. Certainly easier on the sanity.