When I Was a Young Man< 23 kB

This is a version of Peter Beagle's song that Prince Lîr sings in his novel The Last Unicorn that I have set to music. If you haven't read this, do so. Now. Melody line only, because I don't know anything about harmony.

Time's Deep 33 kB

It's mine! All mine, I tell you! Muhahaha!

Yes, I wrote this all myself. You can probably tell. A simple tale of how it is possible for a ship to like you too much...

Benson, Arizona 43 kB

This one's not my own work, but it's easier to put here than to create a seperate page.

After watching Dark Star one night (and if you haven't, you should --- it's a great film) I was suddenly seized with inspiration. Five hours later, I had managed to sequence to theme song, a faux-country-and-western piece called Benson, Arizona. (You can get an MP3 of it at the above site.)

It's great.

Alternatively, you might be interested in a MIDI file. Or the original Noteworthy file that generated them.