The Plot

Earth is being bombarded with asteroids, and only you can save it!

Well, actually that's a lie. It's not Earth, it's an obscure planet whose name you can't remember that's too far away from home and whose only claim to fame is that it's CheapCo's toxic waste dump. And they're not asteroids, they're toxic waste canisters. And the only thing you're saving is CheapCo some money, because the more canisters that get 'lost' en route, the fewer they have to spend money on storing...

[Screenshot of Foo Fighter]
Do you know how hard it is to play the game with one hand and do screen grabs with the other?

What it is

Foo Fighter is a simple shoot-em-up for the intent operating system. There are currently about zero people in the world with the ability to actually play this game, but hey, I thought it was neat.

(For those who don't know, intent is the embedded operating system that used to be made by Tao Group Ltd., for whom I used to work, before they got eaten by a VC company. It was dead cool. I wrote Foo Fighter as a test/demo program and got permission to open source it.)

This game uses some unreleased APIs to the Sseyo vector audio system for background music, just so you can look at it and envy.

Please note: Foo Fighter is not a Tao program. It is not affiliated or associated with them in any way. The only way in which it is linked to Tao is that I used to work for them. Don't call them about it! It's all my own work (except where stated otherwise) and has got absolutely nothing to do with them.

Current version: 0.3

README.FooFighter 2 kB

The README from the distribution, should you want more information.

Foo Fighter 828 kB

Source and binaries. Decompress in your intent root and do make -f cowlark/foofighter/makefile.ave to build, then type cowlark/foofighter/foofighter to run. Remember to read the README!


You think I designed those graphics? Yeah, right.

The explosion animation are taken from bzflag, the totally awesome multiplayer tank game. I did process them a bit; the original animation was about 3MB long, a bit big for an embedded system.

All the other graphics came from the K.E.T.M. scrolling shoot-em-up for Linux. The sprites are excellent, by I think Foo Fighter is more playable...

Check them both out.