The Kaypro II is a stupendously popular Z80-based machine originally coming out in 1982, with 64kB of RAM, two 200kB drives, a character cell 80x25 screen and a rather slow 2.5MHz processor.

Interestingly, it’s got a big bank-switched ROM containing all the BIOS functionality, so the BIOS itself just delegates to this. This made porting CP/Mish to it very easy.

What you get:

  • everything: all the functionality of the original CP/M for the Kaypro II should work in CP/Mish. You can even use the same Kaypro configuration tools, or at least, I hope you can. (I haven’t tried.)

How to use it

I’ve only ever used this on an emulator, but the disks should work on the real hardware — you’ll need to get them onto the appropriate 5.25” disks.

To run CP/Mish in the MESS emulator do this:

mess kayproii -flop1 kayproii.img

It should Just Work (although remember you will need to install the Kaypro II ROMs before the emulator will work).


Everything here was written by me, David Given, and is covered under the terms of the whole CP/Mish project. See the documentation in the project root for more information.

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