I’ve just done a port of CP/M to the 6502 — for, um, reasons. It currently runs on the BBC Micro (or Master, or Tube second processor) and the Commodore 64.

It should be really easy to port to other 6502-based platforms; the BIOS only has like five proper system calls. It’s all written in assembler but there’s llvm-mos toolchain support so you can write programs in C. Binaries are portable across all CP/M-65 platforms (but it won’t, of course, run 8080 or Z80 CP/M software).

CP/M-65 running on a BBC Micro CP/M-65 running on a Commodore 64

What’s more, I did it all on video, so if you’re very bored you can watch me write it! It’s fourteen episodes, and about 45 hours total. Good luck.

The main CP/M-65 page

See the CP/M-65 Github page for source code and build instructions.

(Also, has it really been a year since my last website update? Wow. It’s not like I’ve stopped doing stuff…)