So last year I got an Amstrad NC200 laptop, and ported CP/M to it, because what the hell. That kind of… snowballed. So, what I’m doing now is releasing a fully open source CP/M clone distribution. Finally, after only 42 years, there’s a CP/M-like system you can distribute for free!

It’s not all there yet — in particular, it’s missing an editor; I haven’t managed to source an open source one which will build with my tools yet — but it consists of a BDOS, CCP, a bunch of the standard CP/M tools including an 8080 assembler, and all the build tools needed to cross-compile it from source on a modern Linux system. Right now there are BIOSes for the Amstrad NC200 and Kaypro II, and I’d love to add more.

The main CP/Mish page

Everything you need to know about CP/Mish is here.

And yes, it really is called CP/Mish.

The licensing is a mix of various things — some public domain, some GPL, and all the bits I wrote are BSD 2-clause. In aggregate, it can be treated as GPL.