After living in Zürich for four years, I’ve finally — finally — gotten around to going and seeing the glacier which I can see every day on the southern horizon (when it’s not cloudy).

This was an overnight trip, staying at the Glärnischhütte mountain hut; huts are big business in Switzerland, and I shared the dormitory with about a hundred other people, many of whom snored like drains. The copious amount of beer probably hadn’t helped. I climbed the 1100m from the Vorauen bus stop to the hut on Saturday, then got up early (06:45; everyone else had left, and there was just me and two other walkers left for breakfast) for the remaining 400m to the glacier.

That was straightforward, so on the way down again I took the long route back, traversing round the head of the valley before climbing over Silberenalp and descending to Richisau.

A map, with the annotated Sunday route on it.

I’ve been walking in this area since I arrived in Switzerland. Sadly, with this weekend’s walk, I’ll have now have done nearly all the main Klöntal walking paths! I’ve been everywhere else:

There are a few routes I haven’t done, like along the road through Pragelpass, but they’re either boring road walks or two-day behemoths. Although I have a walking tent now…