Okay, I admit it, I’m getting tired now.

No mountain this time; instead I walked around the Diabeg peninsula. The maximum height was only about 200m, but it was a very bumpy 200m involving some scrambling (particularly when I lost the path), some swamp wading, and also some tick removal (they’re endemic in this kind of area). 13km or so in about four hours.

Route link.

Diabeg is a tiny village of about 30 people, right at the end of a long, winding, very hilly road, which you get to by driving to the edge of nowhere and turning left. It’s a weird protuberance from the end of the Torridon mountains. This time of year it’s quiet and peaceful, with glassy water and lots of wildlife; there’s one business, which is a rather good restaurant, where after the walk I had a rather good three-course lunch, which rather defeated any benefit of the walk.