A little while ago I decided I needed a holiday, and so decided to spend a week in the traditional Scottish fishing village of Anstruther, on the coast of Fife, looking out over the North Sea. It's a traditional summer-time holidaying spot. I went just before Christmas. As a result, it was empty, windy, snowy, thoroughly bleak, and I enjoyed it intensely (and the long evenings were an excellent excuse to spend lots of time in the pub).

The North Sea has some amazing skies, deeply textured and with gorgeous, subtle colours that are incredibly hard to photograph. I've been doing some experimentation with HDR photography, and was rather hoping that this would help bring out some of the detail, but it turned out to be an utter failure. I suspect that I'm just going to have to get a better camera with a higher dynamic range. (There are a couple of the more interesting HDR photos at the bottom of the gallery. Enjoy.)