I have a friend called Hjal who fancies herself a bit of an explorer. She recently sent me a selection of photographs of an interesting find she discovered on a journey round the south-west corner of Kalimdor: right on the very edge, as far away from civilisation as you can get, she found this gorgeous little farm, with all the lights on and machinery working but no signs of the inhabitants.

Not far away there's a large set of caverns, which she thoroughly explored, but they were as mysteriously vacant as the farm. In that part of the world you'd expect to find at least some animal life.

Hjal apologises for the quality of the photographs. She says she needs a new camera. Judging by the awkwardly posed time-delay shots, I'd say she needs acting lessons as well! (And I'm sure I will pay for that remark, if she ever comes to visit the UK...)