Potatoes are nice. Like most staple foods, they have a very mild flavour and texture, suitable for combining with other foods, but if cooked right they're surprisingly distinctive and subtle. However, it's actually not that easy to cook potatoes well --- it's far too easy to cook them for too long, at which point they dry out, or not long enough, so that not all the starch has decomposed into sugar and they're bitter (and a bit wooden).

Here's a very easy way of cooking potatoes that produces deceptively exotic-looking results. Also, they're nice.

  1. Take one large white potato. Clean. (You're going to be eating the skin.)
  2. Cut longitudinally, so you end up with two flattish half-ovoids.
  3. Place directly on the bars of an oven, skin down.
  4. Cook at 180°C for about 30-45 minutes.

Note that this is not a baked potato --- the texture is quite different. The exposed surface browns and crisps, coming away from the flesh of the potato, but still prevents moisture escaping and it doesn't dry out. The result looks highly distinctive and professional. Despite being incredibly easy they're perfectly suitable as a low-fat (or low effort) alternative for roast potatoes. For added flavour, you can rub a bit of salt into the skin or brush with olive oil; but usually I don't bother.

(It's worth noting that they take about the same amount of time to cook as oven chips, but contain practically no fat. So if you tend to eat chips with things because they're easy, that's no excuse.)

This is an old family recipe; the odd name comes from the friend of the family that we stole it from. Hi, there!