A little while ago I had a look at my website logs and discovered that lots of people were downloading music from my website.

This rather surprised me, as I didn't know I had any. A further check revealed that I'd left a hole open and random people on teh interweb were able to access my private music collection --- not good. I closed it immediately.

Then I noticed that these people weren't finding my website with a search engine, as I'd thought, but were instead using some kind of music streaming service. I discovered, to my complete surprise, that my machine (with its home ADSL broadband connection) was being used as the main streaming server by an internet radio station based in Eastern Europe. Bastards.

A bit of thought later and a visit to the Bad Vibes website, I now have my website set up so that all my music still seems to be available --- but if you download anything, no matter what, you instead get this.

The downloads stopped rather quickly.