:  GEOS software

GEOS software

programs and tools for the GEOS operating system

Published: 2016 November 3

GEOS is one of those tragic stories so common in the computer world. When Windows still only supported non-overlapping windows, and Apples had a screen the size of a postage stamp, GEOS was a multithreaded object oriented operating system with software based virtual memory, a fully-fledged windowing system with fully transformable graphics contexts and outline fonts that ran on a 4.77MHz 8088. And it was so astonishingly efficient that you could get a fully functional, useful, windowed application in 4kB (of which most was the icon).

Alas, Geoworks who made it had no more idea of how to market it than I do of 4th century Singaporean economics, and so we are stuck with Windows and X and Geoworks get chapter 11.

GEOS was then bought by New Deal, who died, and then by Breadbox, who at time of writing are still alive, just.

Nevertheless, GEOS was a really nice system to write for, and I was really enthusiastic about it, so I wrote a fair bit of software. Which you can find here.