320kB 8” 77-track SSSD hard-sectored

The Zilog MCZ is an extremely early Z80 development system, produced by Zilog, which came out in 1976. It used twin 8-inch hard sectored floppy drives; here’s one at the Centre for Computing History:

A Zilog MCZ at the Centre For Computing History

The MCZ ran Zilog’s own operating system, Z80-RIO, and used 77 track single-sided disks, with 32 sectors (each marked by an index hole), with 132 bytes per sector — 128 bytes of user payload plus two two-byte metadata words used to construct linked lists of sectors for storing files. These stored 320kB each.

FluxEngine has read support for these, including support for RIO’s ZDOS file system.


(no options)


To read:

  • fluxengine read zilogmcz -s drive:0 -o zilogmcz.img


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