The Victor 9000 / Sirius One was a rather strange old 8086-based machine which used a disk format very reminiscent of the Commodore format; not a coincidence, as Chuck Peddle designed them both. They’re 80-track, 512-byte sector GCR disks, with a variable-speed drive and a varying number of sectors per track — from 19 to 12. Disks can be double-sided, meaning that they can store 1224kB per disk, which was almost unheard of back then.

FluxEngine reads these.

Reading discs

Just do:

fluxengine read victor9k

You should end up with an victor9k.img which is 774656 bytes long. if you want the double-sided variety, use -s :s=0-1.

Big warning! The image may not work in an emulator. Victor disk images are complicated due to the way the tracks are different sizes and the odd sector size. FluxEngine chooses to store them in a simple 512 x 19 x 1 x 80 layout, with holes where missing sectors should be. This was easiest. If anyone can suggest a better way, please get in touch.

Useful references

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