The TRS-80 models I, III and IV (but not the II, 100, 2000, Colour Computer or Pocket Computer) was a popular line of Z80-based home computers made by Tandy Corporation and sold by Radio Shack. There were some of the first generation of domestic micromputers, with the Model I released in 1978.

There were a myriad of different floppy disk interfaces, some produced by Tandy and some by third parties, using all the various combinations of 40- and 80-track, FM, MFM, etc.

Luckily the encoding scheme was mostly compatible with the IBM scheme, with a few minor variations: when using FM encoding, the TRS-80 wrote the sectors on track 17 (where the directory was) with a non-standard DAM byte.

FluxEngine’s IBM reader can handle TRS-80 disks natively.

Reading discs

Just do:

fluxengine read ibm

You should end up with an ibm.img of the appropriate size. It’s a simple array of sectors in JV1 format.

If you’ve got a 40-track disk, use -s :t=0-79x2.

If you’ve got a single density disk, use --read-fm=true. (Double density is the default.)

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