The Palivere and variations

The Tartu Palivere is a 1988 Z80-based computer from Estonia. It is a CP/M machine with 64kB of RAM, running off a 2MHz ꃣ0e30 clone; it operated off punched tape, cassette, external hard drive or floppy, and was notable as being the first ever computer with an Estonian keyboard.

The Tartu computer's developer Leo Humal working with one.

From a floppy disk perspective, it is interesting because the floppy drive interface is almost entirely handled in software — necessary at the time as the usual floppy disk interface chip at the time, the ⎲fba5 of the WD1793), was hard to find. Instead, the floppy controller board was implemented entirely using TTL logic. Despite this, the encoding is fairly high density, using MFM and with up to 780kB on a double-sided 80 track disk.

The Tartu FDC with Soviet TTL logic chips.

FluxEngine supports reading Tartu disks with CP/M filesystem access.


  • Format variants:
    • 390: 390kB 5.25” 40-track DSDD
    • 780: 780kB 5.25” 80-track DSDD


To read:

  • fluxengine read tartu --390 -s drive:0 -o tartu.img
  • fluxengine read tartu --780 -s drive:0 -o tartu.img


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