308kB 5.25” 77-track 16-sector SSDD, hard sectored

The Smaky 6 is a Swiss computer from 1978 produced by Epsitec. It’s based around a Z80 processor and has one or two Micropolis 5.25” drives which use 16-sector hard sectored disks. The disk format is single-sided with 77 tracks and 256-byte sectors, resulting in 308kB disks. It uses MFM with a custom sector record scheme. It was later superceded by a 68000-based Smaky which used different disks.

FluxEngine supports these, although because the Micropolis drives use a 100tpi track pitch, you can’t read Smaky 6 disks with a normal PC 96tpi drive. You will have to find a 100tpi drive from somewhere (they’re rare).

There is experimental read-only support for the Smaky 6 filesystem, allowing the directory to be listed and files read from disks. It’s not known whether this is completely correct, so don’t trust it!


(no options)


To read:

  • fluxengine read smaky6 -s drive:0 -o smaky6.img


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