800kB DSDD with PHILE

pSOS was an influential real-time operating system from the 1980s, used mainly on 68000-based machines, lasting up until about 2000 when it was bought (and cancelled) by Wind River. It had its own floppy disk format and file system, both of which are partially supported here.

The PHILE file system is almost completely undocumented and so many of the data structures have had to be reverse engineered and are not well known. Please get in touch if you know anything about it.

The floppy disk format itself is an IBM scheme variation with 1024-byte sectors and, oddly, swapped sides.


(no options)


To read:

  • fluxengine read psos -s drive:0 -o pme.img

To write:

  • fluxengine write psos -d drive:0 -i pme.img

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