MS2000 Microdisk Development System

The RCA MicroDisk Development System MS2000 is a highly obscure (i.e. I gather that single digit numbers of original machines exist) development system for the RCA1802 series of CPUs, as made famous by the Cosmac ELF. It was a fairly straightforward big bag o’RAM system with a 2kB boot ROM, 62kB of RAM, twin floppy drives and a serial terminal — CP/M users will find it very familiar.

Read and writing disks is currently not supported by FluxEngine, but there is basic support for the MicroDisk operating system’s file system. This should allow files to be read from MS2000 disk images.

The disks are normal DD 3.5” disks, using a 70-track, single sided variation of the venerable IBM floppy disk scheme, so allowing 315kB of storage per disk.

If you have access to flux files for MS2000 disks, please get in touch — I would like to add better support for these.


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