100kB 3.5” 40-track SSSD

The Brother FB-100 is a serial-attached smart floppy drive used by a several different machines for mass storage, including the Tandy Model 100 and clones, the Husky Hunter 2, and (bizarrely) several knitting machines. It was usually rebadged, sometimes with a cheap paper label stuck over the Brother logo, but the most common variant appears to be the Tandy Portable Disk Drive or TPDD:

A Tandy Portable Disk Drive

It’s a bit of an oddball: the disk encoding is FM with a very custom record scheme: 40-track single-sided 3.5” disks storing 100kB or so each. Each track had only two sectors, each 1280 bytes, but with an additional 12 bytes of ID data used for filesystem management.

There was also apparently a TPDD-2 which could store twice as much data, but I don’t have access to one of those disks.


(no options)


To read:

  • fluxengine read fb100 -s drive:0 -o fb100.img


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