CP/M; 1210kB 77-track mixed format DSHD

The Eco1 is a Italian CP/M machine produced in 1982. It had 64kB of RAM, in later models expandable up to 384kB, and two Z80 processors. One of these was used solely for managing the twin 8” drives, each storing 1.2MB, which was quite impressive for a CP/M machine in those days. Visually it is best described as ‘very brown’.

A contemporary advert for the Eco1

Its format is standard IBM scheme, but with an interesting wrinkle: there are three different formatting zones on the disk:

  • Track 0 side 0: 26 sectors, 128 bytes per sector (3296 bytes)
  • Track 0 side 1: 26 sectors, 256 bytes per sector (6656 bytes)
  • All others: 16 sectors, 512 bytes per sector (8192 bytes)

The standard read ibm command will autodetect and read these disks, but due to the format confusing the size autodetection the images need postprocessing to be useful, so there’s a custom profile for the Eco1 which produces sensible images.


(no options)


To read:

  • fluxengine read eco1 -s drive:0 -o eco1.img


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