Didn’t I see this before and it looked different?

Yes, that’s correct.

What you see here is Cowgol 2.0. It’s a complete rewrite of an older project, now dubbed Cowgol 1.0.

What’s happened is that while that version of Cowgol worked, it was way too complicated; it was so large as to be unusable on the machines it was intended for. While it was an interesting exercise, it was basically useless.

So, what I did was abandon it and start again using a drastically simpler one-pass solution. Startlingly, this actually produced better code than the complex version. (If you’re interested, there’s an epic 8-hour livecoding session on Youtube of me porting it to produce 8080 code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUarU8Fhvug) So, I’m focusing on that.

The downside is that Cowgol 2.0 is substantially bigger and won’t actually fit on some of the machines it’s intended for, but I’m working on that. If you still want to try out Cowgol 1.0, then it’s all archived in the oldcowgol branch on Github.

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