Herewith you can find my short science fiction novel Child of the Sea and the Stars. Technically it’s a sequel to one of my other short novels, My Diary, but it’s completely standalone and you don’t have to have read My Diary (I’d probably recommend you don’t, as it’s kind of terrible and my writing’s improved a lot since then).

Child was originally written in about six weeks in 2012 as a Nanowrimo project, then edited, redrafted and generally bugfixed for about a year, and then slowly tinkered with and polished since then. I really had no idea what do to with it — I like it a lot, but it’s got some major structural problems and at only 58000 words it’s rather too short to sell. As it’s now seven years old I’ve decided that the only thing to do is to call it done and release it for free, so here it is.

You can read it online here or, alternatively, download ebook versions here.

MobiPocket version

Get this version if you have an Amazon Kindle, and then copy it into the documents directory on your Kindle using USB.


epub version

Get this version if you have any other ebook reader.

(Incidentally, you might like to also check out the word processor I wrote specifically to write this book in, WordGrinder.)

Child of the Sea of the Stars is © 2019 David Given, all rights reserved. Do not distribute elsewhere without written permission from me (which I am very likely to give if you ask).

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