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This is the source code repository for my 2012 IFComp entry, Changes.

The source code and complete development timeline are being made publicly available for anyone who might be interested, mostly as a horrible warning.

This is a Fossil repository; you can clone it locally using:

fossil clone http://cowlark.com/changes changes.fossil

Alternatively, you can use the web interface to browse the revision history, or go directly to the Inform 7 source file, or download a ZIP snapshot of the latest version.

If, god forbid, you want to play the game, then you can download the Z8 game file to play in a Z-machine interpreter; or, if you really want to, play it online. However, online play is painfully slow and I wouldn't recommend it --- getting an interpreter is the way to go. (I used Gargoyle when writing it.)

Important legal notice. Changes is not open source. The game binary and source code are redistributable under the terms of the Creative Commons BY-ND license. The inaccurate summary of this is that you are allowed to make copies of the game at will, for any purpose including commercial, provided:

See the full license text on the CC web site for the definitive terms.

However, despite the license forbidding modified versions of this game, if you want to create such a version and you contact me at dg@cowlark.com, I will most likely say yes. I just want to keep track of changed versions.

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